Welcome to Post-Soviet Depression Press

PSD Press was established three years ago with the intention of publishing the works of Bisbee writers and artists. While the press does not maintain a specific publishing focus, it is interested in publishing works that share the social and philosophical vision of its founders. The press is currently accepting manuscripts for publication consideration. Please see our contact page for more information.

PSD press remains committed to printing a physical manifestation of our author's work. Each PSD publication receives a standard print edition as well as a handmade limited edition. The press is always interested in collaborating on unique publications and welcomes all ideas and suggestions. In fact, as avid collectors, PSD Press encourages you to send in your distinctive publications for trade and archiving. We always support other publishing endeavors and welcome creating connections to the committed few in the physical publshing world.

Mr America Drives His Car By Michael Gregory

Post-Soviet Depression Press is pleased to announce the arrival of Michael Gregory's Mr America Drives His Car. This publication is the result of a collaboration between author Michael Gregory and artist Laurie Kinztele.

The book includes selected works that focus on Michael's life as an internationally-recognized environmental activist and resident of Bisbee, AZ. The publication also includes eight charcoal drawings by Laurie that were selected from the artist's studio in Bisbee. These works focus on the high desert environment in and around Bisbee, but also depict environmental scenes from across the country.

Mr America Drives His Car is the first of four works that PSD Press will publish from author Michael Gregory. The next publication is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2013 and is a long poem-sequence on the life and work of Ezra Pound.

You can purchase copies of Mr America Drives His Car from the store section of the PSD website. Thank you for supporting PSD Press and independent publishers everywhere.

Solfa Books and Music

PSD Press is a project of Solfa Books and Music. Solfa, a long-time project of PSD publsiher Ryan J. Bruce, is focused on creating a viable brick and motar book and record store in the digital age. As part of Solfa's orgnizational model, the store will incorporate artistic creation in addition to retail sale. The store will feature new and used books, vinyl, and reocrding devices of all varieties. We are always open to accepting new vendors as well as consignment.